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Grantsville Justice Center

Grantsville Justice Center - Building

Client Name

Grantsville City


Grantsville, Utah

Completion Date

October 2017


12,947 sf

In response to Grantsville City’s community policing, operational, and restorative justice goals, Galloway helped create a new justice center for the community. The City selected Galloway to conduct needs assessment interviews and workshops to determine a long-term solution for the community’s law enforcement and justice court service needs. The City needed a facility that would support the current and future needs of the police department as well as municipal courts.

The Galloway team worked closely with the City through programming, site selection, the state’s community impact board funding, architectural design, interior design, and contractor selection services. We designed the facility to allow natural light to flow through the space with expansive windows orientated towards the surrounding mountain view. The facility’s goal was to provide clearly defined but unobtrusive security while minimizing the required staffing for law enforcement and the justice court.

Critical components of the facility include a multipurpose community room accessible to the public, a state-of-the-art justice courtroom, a secure vehicle sally port, patrol and investigations workspaces, evidence processing and storage, an officer fitness area, and detainee processing and holding.


Jim Child

Regional Architectural Team Manager

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Scott Holmes

Sr. Associate
Sr. Architectural Project Manager

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