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Galloway Celebrates World Landscape Architecture Month

April 27th, 2021

April is World Landscape Architecture Month, and we’re proud to recognize our landscape architecture team for their creative and dedicated work in the natural environment. From common places most people don’t realize are designed, to how those places make you feel, landscape architects play a large and often understated role in daily life.

“I’d like to dispel a rumor that all landscape architects do is planting plans,” says Galloway Principal/Planning & Landscape Architecture Team Manager Tim Nelson. “It’s all about how the land is used…to how everything maximizes the experience of a site.”

A few of our landscape architecture team members – Tim Nelson, Kara Scheetz, and Elliot Barth – describe how rewarding “inconspicuously designing the world” can be.


Meet the Landscape Architecture Team

Galloway Celebrates World Landscape Architecture Month

Tim Nelson, RLA, CRRP, ASLA | Principal/Planning & Landscape Architecture Team Manager

Tim brings more than 30 years of experience in planning and designing thousands of acres across the U.S.  He offers extensive knowledge of planning, transportation, landscape architecture and construction practices, along with an extensive understanding of civil engineering, multi-modal interconnections, architecture, zoning, and land use law.  Tim has a broad base of professional experience as an urban/municipal planner and landscape architect, developing commercial, residential, resort and industrial master plans of all sizes.  Tim’s completed projects have included conceptual master planning to detailed construction documentation and specifications, including contract administration and construction review.  Tim is also well versed in representing owners and developers in public hearings, meetings and committees.

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Galloway Architecture, Engineering, Surveying

Promenade Shops at Briargate | Colorado Springs, CO

Sarah Adamson, RLA | Sr. Landscape Architect

Sarah has more than 7 years of experience in a wide range projects, including residential landscape design. She is skilled in conceptual and design development, from planning through permitting and construction administration. Sarah is dedicated to the client experience and providing high-quality deliverables.

Bill Bobzien, RLA, CLARB, LEED AP | Sr. Landscape Architect

Bill is a licensed landscape architect with 36 years of experience delivering landscape architecture and site design, recreation planning, park and trail design projects. He excels in providing project management and construction phase services for multidisciplinary projects. Bill is passionate about exploring solutions that connect people to place while enhancing and protecting the environment through sustainable design, water-wise principles, interpretative elements and green technology.

Troy Noser, RLA, CID | Sr. Landscape Architect & Irrigation Specialist

Troy has more than seven years of professional experience, including commercial landscape design with a focus in irrigation. Troy develops
efficient and cost-effective irrigation designs that meet watering requirements. He prepares comprehensive plans and specifications that include effectual methods and materials to ensure the design and installation matches the user intent. Troy also has experience in drafting and creating federal subcontract agreements for architecture and engineering projects.

“I enjoy working on any large-scale irrigation design. Whether it be mixed use, commercial, residential or parks, I enjoy the challenge and learning new things.”

Alexander Salmins, RLA, ASLA | Landscape Architect

Alexander brings more than seven years of experience to Galloway’s team. He has worked extensively on public sector projects consisting of parks, trails, playgrounds, plazas, master-planning, stream restoration and signage/wayfinding projects. He is dedicated to providing a high level of service to his clients and building strong relationships.

Promenade at Castle Rock | Castle Rock, CO

Danielle Toepfer, RLA, LEED AP | Landscape Architect

Danielle offers more than 15 years of professional expertise in the landscape architecture industry. She has a wide range of experience with residential, commercial, and municipal projects. Danielle prepares complete plans and specifications for the construction of new facilities and the remodeling of existing facilities. She manages project teams, overseeing work quality, staffing projections and monitoring project schedules. Danielle is also the landscape team point of contact for several large clients, which entails conceptual site planning, permitting, and landscape design from the planning to the construction documentation and administration phases. Danielle has also provided support for several large-scale environmental projects, including experience with geographical information systems, wetland delineation, and biological and archaeological surveys.

“I enjoy conceptual site planning and design. It’s rewarding having a vision and seeing it evolve over time.”

Elliot Barth | Landscape Designer

Elliot brings over 4 years of experience in a wide variety of projects including college campuses, parks, trails, streetscapes, and commercial and residential developments. He has coordinated and assisted with public meetings, site analysis, conceptual design, graphics, construction
documents for landscape and hardscape design, and construction observation. A proactive and detailed designer, Elliot values strong client relationships, creative work environments and effective team interactions.

“We design spaces, predominantly outdoor spaces, using living material, as well as hardscapes, but…we design places.

It could be a fun family park. It could be a concert venue. It could be a parking lot. It could be tons of different things. I mean, landscape architecture is very broad, which is really cool.”

Eric Newell | Landscape Designer

Eric offers more than 7 years of experience in both the public and private sector of landscape architecture. He has a wide variety of project experience, with compound knowledge in conceptual design, construction details, preparing planting plans, creating 3D graphics and creating landscape plans.

Galloway Architecture, Engineering, Surveying

Promenade Shops at Briargate | Colorado Springs, CO

“Something I find interesting about landscape architecture is being a key member of site design, and being able to influence the landscape for large projects like Future Legends.”

Kara Scheetz | Landscape Designer

Kara is an experienced project designer with a demonstrated history of working on landscape architecture, planning, and visual communication projects. She is experienced in all phases of the design process, from conceptual design through to construction documentation and administration. Her dynamic personality and varied project experience allows her to bring new ideas and creative solutions to her projects.

“I think the thing I find most rewarding [about landscape architecture] is to see the things you actually drew on paper come to life in concrete form.

I think one of the other things that I love and find rewarding about doing this is I’m kind of a romantic, and I think that so much of what we do is understated and not noticed unless it’s really bad. So sort of inconspicuously designing the world is just really beautiful to me.”



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